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Good morning. I am Laurence, and I live in an ominous castle in a swamp in Paris with my aquatic horse Percy and my butler Marcel. I like capes, fireplaces, and singing villain songs; however, I am not so fond of purple scarves. Have a nice day.

This blog contains art, literature, music, humour, social justice, history, and assorted tidbits from my various fandoms.


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once upon a december // liz callaway

someone holds me safe and warm
horses prance through a silver storm
figures dancing gracefully
across my memory
far away, long ago
glowing dim as an ember
things my heart used to know
once upon a december

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The Khatylaevs are a husband and wife duet from the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Their spiritual folk music expresses a deep connection to the land. The practice and form of the music has ancient roots spanning back into the annals of a nomadic and pagan history. (source)
In Sakha concepts prevalent among elders and members of Kut-siur, the key to Sakha fertility and the transfer of souls to human mothers is the sky goddess Aiyyhyt. Various shamanic rituals of earlier times helped assuage problems of infertility or child deaths by convincing Aiyyhyt to transfer souls from the sky (especially from the main sky god Aiyy Toion) into a suffering woman. Shamans considered capable of leading such rituals were often, but not necessarily, women.
In one case, a young woman asked the shaman Saman Gul’aev for help because she had lost many children in childbirth or soon after. He prepared a small bird’s nest that was placed on a sacred tree in the forest to attract the souls of a potential newborn. A child was born soon after and lived until adulthood. (text source)



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This has been a PSA. Thank you. 

Literally everybody needs to understand this IMMEDIATELY

“Wind and words. We are only human, and the gods have fashioned us for love. That is our great glory, and our great tragedy.”

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